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Fill the form with the type of product, select the number of pictures and the points of view.



We can do it for you or you can ship them by your transport company. Otherwise, you can just drop them off at our studio.

Shooting, downloading & returning

Shooting, downloading & returning

We shoot and send the pictures to you. Then, you check them and approve them. When everything is approved, we send you back the product.


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What’s the turnaround time?

Order turnaround time for our product photo service will depend on the number of images and the complexity of the products, the amount of pictures ordered and the level of retouching hired. Therefore, the turnaround time may vary between 4 and 7 working days.

How do I ship my products?

We have different options; We can manage them ourselves by using our transport agency, You can send them by yourself through your trusty transport agency or, on the other hand, you can just drop off your products at Yuca Studio.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, of course! If you have any doubt, you can ask for a free trial. We’ll be glad to clarify any kind of question you have. Free trial is only available for product photography.

Can I suggest some examples?

Yes, of course! We appreciate any sort of references you can propose us in order to know what style fits you better.

Can I be present during the shooting?

Absolutely! If you have the chance to come to Barcelona we’ll be happy to get you in the session.

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